Industrial & Co-Pack

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  • Only the finest ingredients in every product with Custom Formulations Available.
  • Highly automated production facilities in Scotia, NY.
  • Superior third party audit scores
  • Co-Pack, Private Label
  • Custom packaging agreements available.

Mini Round Ravioli .38 oz.
Tri-Colored Cheese Tortellini .18 oz.
Cheese Stuffed Ziti .18 oz.
Lasagna Sandwiches w/cheese 2.9 oz.
Cheese Manicotti 2.67 oz.
Small Round Ravioli .6 oz.
Plain Cheese Tortellini .18 oz.
Spinach Stuffed Rigatoni .6 oz.
Lasagna Sheets (Pre - Cooked ) 9" x 11"/4.5 oz.
Veg. and Cheese Lasagna Rollettes 3.5 oz.
Large Round Ravioli 1.2 oz.
Mini Square Cheese Ravioli .24 oz
Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni .6 oz.
Cavatelli w/ Ricotta Cheese .05 oz.
Spinach & Cheese Lasagna Rollettes 3.5 oz.
Pierogies with a variety of fillings 1.1 oz.
Square Cheese Ravioli .6 oz.
Spinach Cheese Tortellini .18 oz.
Potato Gnocchi .19 oz.
Cheese Lasagna Rollettes 3.5 oz.
Cheese Stuffed Shells 2.67 oz.