Industrial & Co-Pack

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  • Only the finest ingredients in every product with Custom Formulations Available.
  • Highly automated production facilities in Scotia, NY.
  • Superior third party audit scores
  • Co-Pack, Private Label
  • Custom packaging agreements available.

Small Round Ravioli .6 oz.
Plain Cheese Tortellini .18 oz.
Spinach Stuffed Rigatoni .6 oz.
Lasagna Sheets (Pre - Cooked ) 9" x 11"/4.5 oz.
Veg. and Cheese Lasagna Rollettes 3.5 oz.
Large Round Ravioli 1.2 oz.
Mini Square Cheese Ravioli .24 oz
Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni .6 oz.
Cavatelli w/ Ricotta Cheese .05 oz.
Spinach & Cheese Lasagna Rollettes 3.5 oz.
Pierogies with a variety of fillings 1.1 oz.
Square Cheese Ravioli .6 oz.
Spinach Cheese Tortellini .18 oz.
Potato Gnocchi .19 oz.
Cheese Lasagna Rollettes 3.5 oz.
Cheese Stuffed Shells 2.67 oz.
Mini Round Ravioli .38 oz.
Tri-Colored Cheese Tortellini .18 oz.
Cheese Stuffed Ziti .18 oz.
Lasagna Sandwiches w/cheese 2.9 oz.
Cheese Manicotti 2.67 oz.